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Our Mission

We aim to empower students to engage in all forms of environmental advocacy on campus, in New Haven, and beyond, as well as to foster a sense of community among environmentalists at Yale University. We hope you will join us to provide an accessible and inclusive space for all environmentally-interested undergraduate students.

YSEC strives to (1) promote an awareness of environment and climate justice and center them in its work, (2) educate and engage the Yale community through events and advocacy, (3) push for ambitious university policy on sustainability, and (4) foster an energetic environmental community on campus.

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Want to stay up to date with exciting environmental events around campus and in New Haven? Join our YSEC GCal to find out more!

Contact Us

Questions? Ideas? Want to get involved? Email us at!

You can also reach out directly to our Co-Presidents Emma Polinsky ( and Rose Hansen (


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What we've been up to...

     A few weeks ago, we attended the rallies for Climate Action in both New Haven and New York, alongside other environmental organizations to demand action from policy makers. 
     More recently, we held a family weekend Mocktail Hour, a talk with NHCM called "Undoing Columbus: Continuing the Work for Liberation," and a film screening and Q&A with the producer of "The Oil Machine." Returning from Fall Break, we'll be hosting an
Alumni Call in the YSEC Room and our Biweekly Meeting, and the Yale Student Energy Association will host a DC Job Trek!
     For more details, sign up for our Google Calendar above!

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